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    Hello there!

    We have noticed many new players struggling to learn the game- and while we do have a basic tutorial in place, this does not cover everything. Therefore we have opened up our Wiki page for you guys. Upon registering, you may now edit/add pages to our Wiki. Feel free to post Guides, Tutorials, Builds or just basic information about Items or Quests. Keep in mind that we are still in Beta so not all information will remain accurate, but the majority will.

    Linkrealms Wiki:

    Thank you all for the support.


    I started working on it then realized I don't have enough info to make a proper wiki.


    WTB dev info so I can make this wiki. zzzz z

  • on old forum there was alot more info about wepons ,tactiks and all other stuff,wiki has none of those stuff its empty,why its so hard to update?

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