Tailor Quest - Average

  • No idea if it is a bug, but in average level of tailor quest, there is bonus requirement - material: glowing fabric. I tried to craft needed items from enchanted and polished materials but quest doesn't count it at all. I know I need to craft needed clothes from material in bonus requirement, but I never met something like 'glowing fabric' material in this game, and I already spent some time in Linkrealms. Anyway if something like glowing fabric exists, I would need a clue which mob drops it.


    Hey @Vetro,

    This is no bug, you are missing the Glowing Cloth needed to craft these items. I will give you a hint- There are glowing spiders in a cave north of the city (in a pvp area). Good luck!

  • Oh lol, no wonder I never met this item... Glowing spiders were still bugged in previous beta.

  • and what about soft leather which one is that?

  • Soft leather drops from bandit archers.


    Or bat wings from the troll caves

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