shadowclan - orc RP guild

  • For anyone wondering if Shadowclan will be active in Linkrealms, the answer is YUB! We are an orc RP guild who strive to make each game we are a part of more enjoyable for members and non-members by providing "intelligent enemies" in the world. Eventually, we will be looking to establish a "fort" of our own to protect against enemy guilds.

    For those of you who wish to join, here's what you need to do:
    -create a character with an orcish name

    • must be demon-race with green skin
    • send Velgamog a /w in game and Ill try to get you in ASAP

    Learn more about Shadowclan here:
    guild website:


    Bump remember you guys from DFO and UO.

  • @Velg

    I'm in on this!!!

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