Fire Breathing Hats

  • I bought those hats,i tryed viper my artifact helm into one of fire breathing hats but it doesnt work,it clearly says on info in cash shop about fire breathing hats that eny other helm from dungeons can be viperd into them,so is this a bug or if not,i will return hats for refound of credits?

  • Can i get some answer from devs about this issue,i already pmd devs in game about this couple of times and nobody seems to care?


    Does the helmet come w one of those deluxe bless deeds?

  • no,its alraedyblessed with 100 charges and u get one mod swapper.


    Hm yea there needs to be some updating on the cash shop I read the same thing u saw any helmet can be xfered . if you were able to viper it tho it would have swapped the charges off.

  • yea as i sad i will return helms and viper mod to dev an dhe return my 15 credits,its that simple,but none dev is willing to help.

  • Still no eny help or word from devs about this?

  • Hi @Gorstak, those helmets should not be in the shop indeed until we introduce mining and blacksmithing. We can refund you the credits spent if you give them back. Please get in touch with a Game Master in game, thank you!

  • ok thank uvery much for replaying.

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