Effects and HotKeys


    Hey, I'm a little new so I'm not sure what has been suggested or not so far. So just starting out I went right into a mage type character. My first suggestion would be to have an 'effects' panel, showing me what positive and negative effects I'm under. So I know that the damaging I'm taking is from a poison or starvation, and so I know that I'm still buffed by a spell I cast on myself and don't need to recast it yet
    Also, the Wiki says you can HotKey things, but it's a broken image, and there's no text explanation on how to do it. Could you maybe make a HotKey to set HotKeys? Simply hold your pointer over the item, object, or spell you want to HotKey, then hold Shift (or Ctrl) and press a number. Boom, that 'click or doubleclick to use' action has just been HotKeyed to that number you just pressed. Maybe even make it so that you can HotKey your spellbook to turn to a specific page when pressed.

    Finally, I have a question about the Founders packs... I bought the basic pack ... twice. Once with an e-check that took too long to go through, and so I did it again with an instant transfer. When that slow e-check clears, can I get that in an extra Beta key that I can give to a friend?

  • Well, making hotkeys is ridiculously easy. Options -> edit settings -> hotkeys tab -> you should know what to do next.
    I agree about effects icons on top of the screen or something. Would like to know if I am buffed or debuffed, with what, and how long it will last.

  • @Vetro Totally agreed Vetro, having debuff and buff icons + timers would make things a lot easier.


    I was thinking more quick to make hotkeys for instant use, than having to go into your menu every time you wanted to set a new hotkey. Even a dedicated button for a 'repeat last action' would be super nice quality of life feature.
    The way I described it in my root post feels like the most intuitive way to use hotkeys for an ever-changing environment. Passing out buffs to your group - hotkey your buff spell for a quick 5 casts. chance encounter with a monster weak to one element while you're in an area populated by other things, quick hotkey to a better spell for just that moment. PvE turned into PvP, hotkey to a spellbook page instead of having to frantically scroll to it.

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