Sword in stone - other weapons aswell wanted

  • 15min ago while going for my daily little walk to check all those swords in some rock you have a really small chance to get I got lucky and got a Trinity sword on the second one I checked.

    It had some kinda good stats I guess but I dont use swords.

    From what I have seen there are only swords in those little rocks, I might ofc have missed to see the bows/etc i them but im kinda sure its just swords. Any chance that other weapons will be added to those stones that you have to be reall lucky to be able to loot? Atleast I got 15credits for it so I now have 4 hats that shoot fire etc so I can hang around the bank looking like a tool.

  • It's more or less a reference to the Excalibur, so I can't even imagine an axe or hammer or crossbow in stone lol.

  • @Vetro well ofc I am aware of that but im sure some other daily loot locations can be added for the ther weapons. It just kinda suck that even if its fun to try your luck every day I can only end up with a sword I have no use for

  • I wouldn't say it is no use since you got 15 credits for it ;)

  • well lol ofc not, I wanted a new character slot for it but as I cant seem to buy one yet I just went with the fire hats as that after all seem to be ok. If I calculate things right I got credits worth 4.2dollar for it so sure its good.

    I ofc hoped that some decent items would be on the market but most seem to be staffs and random items I dont want :/

    well 4.2dollar is OK as I now can claim im a credit farmer in the game lol.

  • The guy u sold that sword he cant use it cas its account bound to only u,and u cant really use those fire hats meaning u cant viper enyother statsinto them,u will have to rteurn those hats to gm to get refound of credits same as i did.

  • @Gorstak are you sure about that? The sword said nothing at all about it being account bound :/ and im sure I can give the guy 3 out of the 4 hats as I only wanna keep one as the giftbox just come wit 1 stat transfer item.

    Idea for bow like places(instead of the sword stone) can be some dumb little NPC looking for Robin Hood to hand over the xbow to. "NPC name sadly dident belive you was the real Robin Hood" could be its message or whatever. Ofc the sword in the store could just give you some item tatlet you hand it on to some NPC that letyou pivk what kin of weapon you waant to turn it in for

  • i told u man u cant viper enything into those hats,it doesnt work cas i tryed,u must returnthem to gm to get refound,or yust keep them for astetics.

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