What's the best gaming experience you've ever had?

  • Mine is probably from an indie FPS called World War II Online: Battleground Europe. It's an MMOFPS. Map size = 52,000 km2.

    So there were about 100 of us, all paratroopers, minus the pilot of course, crammed into this plane. All spamming the local chat with excitement. Once the high command said to get out, we all did. The view in the sky was epic. If I was an axis player, I'd of been crapping my pants lol. We took the town over with ease ;)

    The player base on the game isn't too great nowadays for a map that big, so it's pretty much a bore.

    What's your best experience? Please share!

  • I think the best experience i've had with a game was from the mmorpg called Dream of Mirror online (Domo) when it was still hosted by AeriaGames (yuck)! The social experience was really a fun thing even if the game itself was not so great. Before this game i never felt really involved in a community but this was one hell of a good time! When Aeria shutdown Domo i was kinda feeling lost and went back to not being social, but i think Linkrealms will change that its been a long time since i felt this excited for a game and this time i intend to make friends and not being an outcast always alone haha! Well that's about it!

  • In UO for sure. I played a "ranger" in that I was a bow user. Well, unknown to me at the time, the llama's were bugged and basically had the stats of a very high level DPS spell. Not knowing this, I attacked one and it destroyed me very quickly. So, in RP fashion, I decided that anytime I saw a llama from that point on, I had to prove to myself and everyone else, that I could kill it.

    Luckily for me, they fixed the bug. Bad for the llamas, I killed every one that I saw. REALLY bad for my adventuring friends, because if I saw a llama, I chased it down and would kill it. No matter what was happening, in the middle of a mob fight, PvP fight, etc.... I'd run off and kill the llama.

    So, my friends at some point, decided that I needed cured of this llama killing issue that I had. One day I logged into my house to which there was about 20 llamas walking around inside my little house! So, I killed them all, made a lot of rugs and my house was now nice and toasty warm thanks to all of the llama skins covering the floor. After that, I was cured of my need to kill all llamas, and my friends were much happier (and alive, at least a little longer) while we were out adventuring.

  • My best experience was probably Tibia. I played a hardcore pvp server there just like this, so leveling and pking felt really rewarding.
    I met tons of friends, hell even my current best friend of years in that game.

    The server I played in had a war between two sides, Americans vs Mexicans+Brazilians etc etc sides switched all the time. But the pvp was just so amazing, you sat in teamspeak with 40 people with one person shotcalling and coordinating and I just felt like we were actually at war.

    When we got defeated we had to flee without getting caught by the winning team, then when you went hunting you had to watch out for the enemy team trying to sneak you. Playing was risking everything, If you weren't blessed you would drop most of your items, and if you were blessed you lost a ton of money and hours of experience.

    Unfortunately with updates and player database going downhill the game has turned a Pay2Win so I had to drop it. It was the most amazing mmorpg experience I ever had, probably will ever have.

  • Myhal, i learned speak english so so on tibia, i play a 10 years, my guild one day have a 320 players online on my TS its is so Beautiful, because others game u can that only RAgnarok , Mu a past games, today have only MOBA games and that is not funny games.
    only who's play tibia can understand this MAGIC GAME

  • Yes Indeed leriam! There is a certain Magic in these games that certain players cannot understand :). Glad to see a fellow tibian around these parts! Hope to see you in game!

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