What mobs drop rare bless scrolls?(WTB one aswell)

  • In the last beta I found two necklaces with really good stats(mainly the 40% fire resist) that can be used to reach a 100% resist to fire dmg. Ofc it also got some other stats thats really good but due to PVP I havent really used it at all as it would suck to lose it.

    Ofc its best used at that one end game dungeon where I usually die a few times but having it blessed would be wonderful. I have grinded skeleton priests etc for hours and never gotten any(I was told those drop them) so I suspect I have just been really unlycky or that I farm the wrong monsters.

    so what mobs have a decent chance of dropping one? I guess miniataurs but I dont wanna waste time on that til I know for sure. I have seen that they sell for 30k so if anyone here happen to have one they want to sellpost about it here and we can do a trade whenever we are both online

  • No idea if chance is decent, but boss mobs probably have biggest chance. We got one from gnome king 2 days ago and one from spider boss yesterday.


    @Mxll any interest in selling ur necklace w 40 fire ? :)

  • @Clavicus

    Well what do you wanna pay for it? :)


    Golem's From Stone Abyss

    Bandit Commander in my spawn



    @Mxll whisper me in game im clavicus vile and we can talk


    I got 4 for sale take paypal lawl

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