Gnome Revolts?


    So a couple of us planted gnome houses in my realm a few days back. Seems they are all hostile to me, my alt, and anyone who is a friend of my realm no matter what I do.

    Is this supposed to happen? This wasn't an issue last beta.

  • You planted red or blue gnomes?


    Red gnomes

  • Red gnomes were/are always hostile to everyone. Only blue gnomes are friendly ones.


    All the gnomes are hostile. The only ones that won't attack you or friends to your realm is the white ones those are tame gnomes. You can kill the queen and the house will disappear pretty fast but when they first sprout just use herbicide on the house till then just kill them till the house burns down


    I see...

    Well, the workers revolt was fortunately put down somewhat quickly, so hopefully things haven't become TOO disrupted, lol.

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