Some Ideas


    Creature Skills

    • Taming: I saw a video with this. I guess it's still in the works.

    • Lore: Use to see the fame and stats of a monster or creature.

    • Animal Husbandry: Allows the tamer to package the animal for sale. Think of it as shrinking. Turning certain pets into mounts?

    • Veterinary: Used for healing pets.

    Bard Skills:

    • Musicianship: Used for wielding musical instruments. Attached to vexation, pacification and inspiration. Usable Drums, Lutes/strings, Flutes, and Harps.

    • Vexation: Cause monsters to attack.

    • Pacification: Freezes the target for a long time period, but breaks on damage. Passive agro decrease.

    • Inspiration: Buffs ally regen and attack speed. (Regen adds 10 / 20 / 30) (Attack Speed adds 5 /10/25) for levels 30, 60 , 90. GM adds another 5 or 5%.

    • Bard spells and abilities use Stamina.


    • Lumberjacking: Gives a 1.5% damage bonus every 10 points. Also used for chopping wood.

    • Handicraft: Used for crafting furniture, arrows, lock kit packs. (Carpenter + Tinker).

    • Alchemy: Used for potions. Explsoive pots, etc.

    • Add randomly spawning tree and mining nodes in the world. Put rare nodes in mob spawns.

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