Greetings! :)


    Hi ;) I just bought a Prince option, because I loved what I saw and I love UO.
    First of all, sorry for my bad english, I'm trying to improve it.
    I played UO for 12 years since the day one, I had some unofficial shards as a GM/Admin, because I loved the first incarnation of UO, not a fan of "Doom Era" here :)
    I like the way LR is atm, I don't understand why programmers decided to divide every area in small portions, I don't really like this choice, and also the fact you cannot go full screen (but maybe it's my fault).
    I hope there will be balance in every class, also for pve. I really didn't like the fact you needed to be tamer with a dragon to clear dungeons, and the superiority of casters on warriors.
    I love warriors in every rpg, but I had the feel in this beta that they will suck against some arrows of fire spells :) Am I right? (I just played some hours, so, there is the possibility I wrote a lot of bull***t) :P
    I like the idea to become a blacksmith/warrior, but I suppose I will go for a mage or an archer. (until someone will point out that warriors doesn't suck against big mobs).
    I wonder if there will be mounts...
    I love mounts :D
    That's all, thank you everyone ;)

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