01/19/16 Server Save Fail

  • Hi everyone,

    We are sorry to inform you that today's server restart has failed, as many of you probably have noticed already, and that the server has been automatically rolled back to the previous save.

    We are investigating the issue right now. The fail is probably due to the rewriting of the login/logout system that has been implemented over one year ago and has never caused any issue so far.

    Sadly, there is no way for us to recover your progress for the 24 hours lost. If during the last 24 hours you have spent credits, please write an email to support@linkrealms.com from the email address you used to register your account (if possible). Developer Uriel and Game Master Pain will also be in game to give you more information.

    In addition to this, we will send 10 store credits to all of you who have lost some of your game progress due to the failed save.

    Our deepest apologies again for the inconvenience.

  • No matter the credits loss! Rare scrolls! :( Why it had to happen exactly after I spent half a day to farm them... :| Never lucky :[


    10 store credits is nothing compare to what I and some others got yesterday ... :'(

  • @Lichester said:

    10 store credits is nothing compare to what I and some others got yesterday ... :'(

    Indeed, our Tartaros run just died with today's server save lol...


    @Vetro Yeah .. I really feel like Rage Quitting the game now ..

  • Nah... we just gonna do this again.


    I am not doing anything before I know that they have fix the issue ..

  • By the way, @Prometheus it would be really useful to do something with server, so it can autosave data each few hours instead of once per 24h during server restart. It would help a lot in this case and other similar cases.


    Remember that time when you farmed for hours and right before you stopped you got a rare bless scroll? You were so happy you could log out in peace. Then you logged back in and your previous day's progress was gone :(


    So I gotta go put down the Gnome Revolt again?


  • Compensation or riot!

  • ANOTHER ROLL BACK OMFG I LOST SO MUCH. I cannot play like this....


    I know. I lost about 32 hours of farming from these rollbacks.

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