Clicking to attack

  • very often doesn`t initiate combat ,like 2/3 times out of 10 .


    Sometimes you have to double click them. I dunno if it's a targeting error or not. I just found it easier to drag out there health bar and use that for multiple targeting attacks

  • Right ill try that with their healthbar like you say .Usually i double click a mob and what i meant is that it would target it ,i.e. put a red target circle around the mob but the attack doesnt begin


    @Siomn right it takes a double click which is a pain if they constantly move around

  • I was complaining about this over a year ago.

    This game is nowhere near being ready for release. It's in a rough Alpha state.


    Ya clicking stuff is really bugged. I found if you bind last target to something like space bar. You attack faster /cast without clicking.

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