01/21/16 Server Save Fail & Compensation

  • Hi everyone,

    we just experienced another server save fail after the (silent) patch we applied to the server yesterday, which according to our tests contained the appropriate fix to the previous fail. This clearly hasn't been the case, and the responsibility falls whole on my shoulders, as it was my own mistake.

    We have identified clearly the issue now, and we just created another quick patch. The server will be back up in a few minutes from the posting of this thread. There will be another scheduled restart today at 7pm CET.

    One good relief news for you is that within the last server patch, we also implemented tracking of argents collected, artifacts, materials, and bless scrolls. This time, we will be able to give you back the most important things you have lost.

    The process cannot be carried out automatically, so it will have to be handled manually by developer Uriel.

    Please post in this thread a list of the the items you have gained yesterday (argents, materials, bless scrolls, artifacts) and that got lost, and your in-game name. Uriel is going to verify the correctness of your statements in the tracking log, reach to you in game, teleport you to a safe location and re-generate the lost items.

    As far as premium items bought in the store are concerned, we are going to add back the credits you have spent yesterday automatically.

    Please accept another deep apology from the whole staff of Mythyn Interactive and from myself in particular.



    @Prometheus Thank you for the communication. Best luck to you guys, I am sure it is more stressful on your side than on the players' side!

  • Well, problem is I don't even remember what i got yesterday except 100 spider silks and around 10k argents... I perfectly remember what I have lost during first rollback, but I guess it doesn't count at all to the items we can get back...


    I would also prefer that I could get the items from the other rollback we had.


    I lost my founder pack items from yesterday in game name ethereal corpse.

  • I also lost my baron founder pack stuff ,had just upgraded from settler.As for items can`t rember them all ofcourse .Nothing special really except a crooked sword with cast speed % and psi leach on it iirc.Oh and about 20 baked turkeys ,more pizzas ,meat pies and a few thou argents. IGN Siomn

  • I lost like 20k and items addtional 4+ (life incrase, hp regeneration, stamina incrase, stamina regeneration ) war mace 80+ maul 90+ strengh... lol i no remember what else.... if will third rollback i leave this game and some ppl also...

  • I lost like 30 or more k argents

  • lost 20k argents i think
    the situation is becoming a little bit frustrating
    Falck Dreworok


    I lost about 11k argents.

    Thank you

  • Name : Crusader

    I lost that i can recall anyways
    10k argents
    common bless scroll
    defently can recall the armor i lost but lik 10 decent pieces.
    and i lost several hundred mats hide, food, silks, cloth etc
    2 realm doors right plank and left plank style doors

    thats all i can really remember exactly.. guess we need to start write down what we got before we go to bed :P

  • I dont remember al things but the most important for me, i droped one ornate steel shard and if it is possible i want it back :)
    My nick Kapich


    What about skill gains... I lost a lot in the department. From the last 2 resets I should have 100/100 sorc, enlightment, and spell defiance.



    My skill gains saved


    Would like this time spent gaining skills back, I'm being honest about it. I was at 98 this morning


    Weird, when I logged out I was 98.x sorc, when I logged in I was 95.9. Lost a whole day.


    Ya I know this for sure, I woke up because my dog needed to go out, hopped on did some bank organizing bought essences, put macro on. Was at like 97.8. Came back when I woke up a few hours ago my screenhad the DC message and I was at 98.1.


    I gained 8 , p stones traded for 20 cashed in for
    deathward plate- il be happy with the 8 I suppose.
    rare bless - 2
    gold ingot - from darklings
    ornate horn - from darklings
    min - 30k argents.
    100- sturdy leather
    patchwork kit from store.

    Also I tryed to gift a friend 10 bucks in credits they came to me ? he receive the receipt for being gifted them. If you could transfer thos msg me ig. thanks

  • Bignuts
    I lost 6 philosopher stones
    30-40k argents
    30 wormwood sticks
    rare bless scroll
    Fire Baphomet Axe

  • Mondain
    I lost
    15k argents
    Crystal Tuner
    Bless Scrolls

    Socery: 8%
    Enlightenment: 14%
    Meditation: 12%
    Staff Fighting: 28%
    Battle Tactics: 9%

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