I lost all my progress..


    I farmed all day the other day for philosophers stones and then handed in some to get my Hephaestus Staff, I also had 6 philosophers stones and at least 25k argents from farming. I would really like to know if I can get this back as I am quite frustrated with this and don't know if I will continue to play if I can't..


    I highly doubt this, a few days ago you could barely kill bandits...


    So, a few days ago you couldn't PVP.


    Lol Newsb? Zycor oh right the ones that have high level gear and go around killing people with low level gear. Yes I don't have very high level gear that's true, but farming with a few friends definitely helped. But go on be your normal miserable douchie selves.

    Keep getting those afk and newbie kills!

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