Stone abyss and paperdoll

  • 1st: There is a place in Stone Abyss where you can block golems(as many as u want) and kill them with xbow(shame I'm mauler wouldn't report it otherwise i guess haha) It's in south east from northest eastest teleport :) (gonna place screen shot if you would't be able to find it).

    2nd: After mark STEALTH skill arrow down it going back to arrow up after close and open paperdoll again(it still decrease, just image is changing to arrow up)


    the stone abyss one isn't a big deal u cant afk it.

  • 1st: Killing them only with crossbow without using stones is pain in the ass so rather useless bug to exploit :P But well, still bug is bug.
    2nd: Devs know about this issue already.

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