Nearly 2 weeks, my thoughts on LR so far.

  • I feel LR is very close to UO, but yet very far from it all at the same time. As a UO player since '98 and hearing all the buzz about LR I was excited to actually see it in action for myself. These are pretty much my feelings and impressions of LR in its current state.

    Graphically, the game isn't next gen nor does there seem to be a need for it. It works for the game and in all honestly I actually like it. The only thing I'd want to see more of is variations in weapons/armor since it seems like you see all of the gear types in pretty much your first few hours of gameplay, excluding artifacts of course; this isn't a deal breaker either but what happened to spears (piercing) and shields for the sword and board players? I thought it very strange to not see shields in the game.

    The whole "realms" set up of the world map doesn't bother me either, just sometimes I feel the realms are a tad small?

    Skills. Yeah, there are obviously missing skills like mining, blacksmithing, (wrestling?) and the like but I know those are being worked on and will be implemented eventually. I just found it strange to see the trailer that talked about armor smithing but yet it wasn't really in the game, well more like funny.

    Justice and law system? I came into the game expecting some sort of flagging/murder/criminal system like I had experienced in UO being the game was heralded as being a spiritual successor to UO...but BOY was I wrong. There's literally no rules whatsoever in LR. Once you leave the safe zone, its open season on your newb ass. Vets who 1-3 shot you, groups of them, what have you... they come at you like no tomorrow. Honestly, I don't mind pvp, I love pvp. Pvped in UO, hit rank 14 in WoW, lead raid groups all that jazz...but PvP has to have a reason, with rewards/risks, and of course penalties to keep people in check.

    For examples sake, I literally was going to a spot to train and ran into someone. They attacked me first, with adds on me mind you, so I decided to not run this time and fought back. LoL, I ended up wiping the floor with them and the fool didn't bless anything at all. Not that anything was worth taking, but I decided to take the "nicer" things and just place them randomly around the area she died in to teach her a lesson. I then banked her 5k argents then headed back out. 10 mins later I run into 2 of her guildmates, who obviously received the notification their guild member got killed and was literally canvasing the areas realms looking for me. I tried to run, but no good vs people with far more game time and gear than me. You see what's wrong there? Someone attacks you, no penalty. You kill them, then they get a mob to come kill you, no penalty.

    Long rant short, I feel with no flagging system in place players will just be assholes because...well they can and boy I've seen plenty of assholes. What's stopping them? If you don't want people competing with you in a spawn, well you'll have to take the murder count and kill them, that or flag gray and hit them afew times and wait for the timer (JUST LIKE UO?!)

    At the end of the day I feel LR has potential to be a nice niche game, but at the moment with the bare bones feel to the game and no real order or system to protect players, especially young ones, it sometimes can feel "lost". That combined with very few tutorials or confusing ones, it can turn new players off faster than you can type in "bye". I know the team is like 2 guys, great work :) , but dang I wish this game the best of luck in its development and path towards Steam. I'm sure you'll get even more critical reviews in March with that, both good and bad.


    Hey @Dkuang, we appreciate the feedback. We do currently have a few skills and features that will be implemented which you mentioned above. Our team is very small indeed, consisting of 2 main developers which work on the game nearly full time and unpaid.

    Even though we are in a Beta stage, that doesn't mean we are nearly finished with the game. We read all of the suggestions our players provide us and have acted on a few of them. If enough people want something changed or added, we take it into consideration.


    Agreed, this game has awesome potential and is doing good so far. However your comments on battle...

    So you had a fight and beat the person, then you are upset as her friends flattened you in retaliation.
    You wouldn't last 3 seconds in Eve Online then!
    In all seriousness, if you were part of a group and a member got slain, would you not want revenge? Would you not use the advantages of numbers on your side?

  • @CWolf You obviously missed the entire point of my post, so stop trying to act like a big shot talking about Eve or anything else, seriously. What I stated was she was the instigator, got slaughtered (with her getting no penalty for attacking me and the penalty for me defending myself was for her guildmates to show up with numbers and strength to kill me, again without instigation and no penalty) and that pretty much I should of just let her kill me because if I fight back then her guild would just come to steam roll me anyway? Again, this isn't Eve Online and I'm also stating that having the game as a free for all with no penalty what so ever for being a douche pickle isn't exactly my idea of UO, or my type of PvP since its just random killing, random ganking, or just doing as you wish because well you can 2 shot someone so let me make their day by doing so.

    I'm not saying that its entirely wrong for the developers of LR to have PvP servers with no law system at all. It just means it wasn't on the line of UO, which I initially thought LR had because without some sort of law/penalty system set up the game becomes a huge toxic environment...especially for new players or those that aren't in large guilds. Like I said, I don't have issues with getting killed by someone, but they should be flagged gray or red and suffer some sort of penalty no? Then again I've never favored free for all games for pvp in mmorpgs, seemed pretty much pointless in my eyes and taking away from immersion a bit as well. Why have cities, npcs, stores, and banks if their is no order, government, or system to control the criminals to some degree? Might as well turn the game into a pvp sand pit.

    @Pain thank you for the reply and yes I know LR developers have a lot on their hands with the man power that they do have and that they probably have a lot of skills and content under wraps or in development. I surely hope it only adds to the overall playability and immersion of the game.

  • On the debate about having a law and criminal flagging system like UO, it actually relates to the conflict of the population issue this game will or can face when the developers decide to split the already meager player base onto two separate servers for PvP (current rule set free for all pvp) and PvE(assuming no pvp at all expect limited designated realms? correct me if I'm wrong).

    If we actually just had 1 type of server, just like UO, plus RP servers if the population can actually support that but we had a flagging system for pvp or pk'ing like UO then it would alleviate some of the gank or fear issues pve or new players would have as well. That and the player base wouldn't be split between two servers. You can still kill someone of course, but at least the person getting killed knows you'll be flagged a murderer and those around you can retaliate against them freely as well since well, they see red, meaning he/she must of killed someone blue. That and pvp and pking becomes something that is a tactical or meaningful choice with both rewards and consequences. I'm not asking for a harsh murderer penalty like 10% skill debuff, or lowering red's bless item charges count to 2 or anything like that just a simple flagging, gray, red, and perma red or murder tagged system.

    Give it some thought, we would actually have the max 45 players I've seen online on one time currently in beta on one server instead of 20/25 or even 40/5 on a PvE vs PvP server split.

  • @Dkuang As a long time UO player, I have to agree with you that there needs to be a law and order system in place for rampant PKing, like in UO. Then of course guilds can war eachother which would bypass the law and order system entirely, as well as the potential for faction wars. Secondly I feel that bless scrolls are far FAR too abundant, it seems that everyone with anything worth looting is full blessed, making the arduous task of actually killing them a completely bummer when you find you can't loot anything. It sucks BIG TIME. I'd remove bless entirely then maybe there will be some level of control over the people who are fully decked out in blessed artifacts that are nearly impossible to kill, and then when they finally do die by some stroke of luck, lose absolutely nothing. RIDICULOUS and extremely ANTI-FUN. I'd even go as far as to say that it is quit-worthy. In UO, bless scrolls were incredibly rare and the items that could be blessed were very limited. It was way better that way. Also make lockpicking a working skill.

  • @leandro213 said:

    Also make lockpicking a working skill.

    Amen to that! This skill really shouldn't be counted to the skill cap. There was a separate thread about this in suggestions already, but seems it died.

  • @leandro213 Yah, UO since '98 so I'm definitely on board for the rep system to put some sort of foundation for the game instead of it being a rampant ffa pk fest; and yes guild wars, faction system, and the like can bypass the rep system but that's a given I suppose. I don't mind guild warring and given the fact that some guilds out there are notorious for killing everyone and their mother without provocation, happens in every mmorpg, they'll likely get /guildwar by every guild anyway. Which is what those shouting about open ffa pvp wants anyway, so they can have their cake and eat it too once LR gets more guild options.

    As far as bless scrolls, I think they give way way too many charges as well and drop way too frequently. I think that each bless scroll should only give you 1-2 charges, and items can only like have a max charge of 3-5. With murderous red players losing 2-3 charges per death, so as to throw in the whole more risk vs reward for being a criminal. That or like you said remove bless scrolls and maybe put in some sort of engraving system(?) where you invest argents into engraving said item, with higher end gear with more mods or artifacts taking tens of thousands to engrave with 1-2 charges. That would also create a money sink as it seems currently argents have no use outside of arrows, lockpicks, realm deeds, house items, and some other minor purchases. And yes, veteran players fully decked out with Artis are near invincible vs new players who have newly hit 100 skills or just joined LR but then again they did invest a lot of time playing, years even, to get their stats and gear so I suppose that's their reward? But I agree though, dying should warrant some penalty and having everything with 25+ charges of bless does not equate to fun.

    @vetro Lockpicking? Yeah, I don't know I'm up in the air about it. Some of the stuff that drops from higher end chests can be pretty nice I suppose so having it as a working skill just means more items floating around the servers. There's plenty of loot as it is. I personally feel lockpicking being part of your 700 cap is fine, I honestly wish they'd make lockpicking more worthwhile honestly, especially when you're on the mid to lower half of it. That and 7 x gm skills seem very limited, based on how many skills there actually are. I'd rather them raise the skill cap to 800-900 points instead. :D


    @Vetro said:

    @leandro213 said:

    Also make lockpicking a working skill.

    Amen to that! This skill really shouldn't be counted to the skill cap. There was a separate thread about this in suggestions already, but seems it died.

    ill go revive the thread

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