Beta Update - Patch 1.8.1 (01-27-16)

  • Hi all,

    this minor patch implements a few bug fixes and a significant expansion to our internal tracking systems.


    1- Several new tracking systems have been introduced. They include: tutorial action tracking for new players, server activity tracking, and item drop tracking. While this might not seem relevant to you, it actually is for us to be able to better understand your needs and improve the retention of new players on Linkrealms.


    1 - Tailor Vendor NPCs now buy all the items crafted with the Tailoring skill.

    2 - Bonuses to skills coming from equipment modifiers (e.g. +10 Severing) are now displayed in the client.

    3 - The game server is now performing 4 saves a day. This special measure will be lifted as soon as the new "runtime" save system is implemented.


    1 - Special tailoring kits obtained through the Tailor Contract System are now working correctly with all materials.

    2 - The client now shows correct min and max craft success chances when using Tailoring and Cooking tools.

  • Very good job guys!

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