Some suggestions:

    • New combat skill for unarmed, able to master for monk/ninja-like chars
    • modify skill softcap to just count skill-levels above 15 that way allowing to create more realistic classes. you may lower the cap for that.
    • injuries that modify the damaged zone (arm-damage = less efective weapon etc.)
    • more realistic drink behaviour (please just try to eat 20 watermellons yourself! - are you still thirsty??)
    • horses etc.?
    • item transfer between chars of same account, perhaps per dedicated bankbox section.
    • much more realistic weights, you just cant carry 200 cowhides and 50 Pumpkins! Toy-Wagon?
    • choose color on item cration?
    • I dont know if i already have seen all skills, but it would be nice to have a system where for example skill level 60 in x and 40 in y unlocks new special skill z.
    • Rethink "Realms". Do you really want a patchwork of maps all fenced off? Why not allow 25% of claimed realm private and an additional 25% blocked for creatures, so players can walk 75% of a realm?

    This is just my first impression

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