Taylor 10k fame material test

  • Today after the patch i was able to make some items with the master sewing kit, i saved also 5k bead so i wanted to try the material with 10k fame. I am dissapointed, i have made tanktop with sturdy buffed to 10k fame leather. The standard resistances are the same for each exeptional item and i will add here only the afixes i got on the item. Here are the results:

    1 item: 13 reflect psy dmg
    2 item: Life +4, mana regen 8%, psi regen 9%
    3 item: Life regen 8% stamina regen 8%
    4 item: Life regen 8% mana regen 9% psi regen 6%
    5 item: Life regen 8% stamina cost red 3% +4 mana , mana cost reduct 3%

    In generail i think most of these items are crap, I think 5k beads for item that allow you enchant 5 pieces of material is far to expensive, after this test i dont want to collect this again, far easier to farm bosses collect some nice pieces and try to enchant, duing this i have also chance to loot money and drop arts.

    7500 beads for master sawing kit is in my opinion ok becouse you will get 500 uses and you can use this for ultra hard tailor tasks

    But 5k for 5 pieces of crapy 10k fame material is far to expensive. If it roll so bad we need at lest 20 chances for this amount of taylor "cash".

    Also my skill is now 91,8 and i used the kit with +40 skill

    At this moment i have the feeling that i lost a lot of time and material to make the 5k curancy...................
    Sorry but from my point of view its a negative Feedback

  • Banned

    I made ​​a potion beags 5000 , and got 5 leather with 10k fame.

    The final item was created equal to 5k fame material.

  • Id like it more if the character would have a fame-pool that you could increase with those powder and perhaps other items that you could spend on a craftig task. Like you have currently 12234 fame and decide to put 345 into that tanktop that you'd like to craft. It should still be possible to find certain raw materials that got fame attached to it and it should also be possible to get fame by killing certain bosses and fulfilling certain tasks. That would make tailoring much more interesting.

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