How to fix magic

  • 1: Nerf the fuck outta magic resistances

    2: Make poison and bleeding not interrupt cast times

    3: Speed cast times up perhaps


    that and buff spell damage.


    I think reducing the chance that poison and bleed not interrupt cast times (make it 50-50) is acceptable, not having it affect casting at all is too much.

    Buffing spell damage is a good idea, it does seem pretty subpar compared to just about everything else for what you put into it.

    Don't nerf resistances though, cause then that basically makes mages AND summons king cause then there's nothing to stop them. Those resistances not only resist damage but also durations too. Nerf durations and basically even if you don't manage to one or two shot a melee or crossbow guy you can depower them for the entire combat with hardly any effort at all.

    So buff damage (significantly when it comes to higher level spells), make DoTs have less of an impact (but not eliminate it completely), but that's it. Makes mages more powerful while not rendering anything that may counter them worthless.

  • We have a couple of balance fixes that will be dropped in the next patch.

    @Malacandra resistances have nothing to do with the duration of special effects. Spell defiance does ;)


    That's right, my bad :P


    One major problem I want to address is the mana to healing coversion. Let's say I cast x spell damage for y mana, and the target uses a heal drink for z health. I think x should always equal be greater than z, and the problem now is over time y depletes or runs to 0 while z goes to infinity. So there's an imbalance where, mana is always depleting and healing is always going up. As a mage right now the only way to kill a person is if they are afk. Healing drinks can counter a mage, you literally spam heal yourself until the mage is out of mana. The raw damage of a mage is no where close to lethal. No two or three spell combos can 100-0 a player. Meaning, healing needs to be adjusted, or spell damage/resist sorted. Let's say you cast a spell lightning, and do 60 damage to a player, the target player then heals for 80 with honey mead all of the damage. The mage casting then has to cast another spell, the chance right now of it being interrupted is 99%. By the time the mage gets a second spell cast off, the healing drink timer for the target has already expired, and they are able to heal again for 80+ damage. I have been in many pvp fights, vs new players as a full template sorc/mage. And I could not kill them simply because healing swallowed all of my damage. It's quite sad actually. I even led with a pre-cast noxious plague.

    I was theory crafting with this a lot. Here's what I come up with:

    • Poisons still interrupts/fumbles spells.
    • Bleeds will but 0.5 the success of a poison.
    • Summon Griffon, Lizzogoth, and Mage should not interrupt casting.
    • A lightning spell should hit for 60+ damage regardless of resists.
    • Shock Pulse stacks should stack with Summon Griffon.
    • 100 Spell defiance should add 15% to all elemental resist.
    • Staff fighting a disarm battle tactic that uses mana not agi.
    • If keeping mage spirit the way they are. Give sorc a paralyze. Create an item that breaks the stuns but damages.
    • Add a spell like harm, a short range high dps spell that acts as an execute.

  • And then all will start playing mages. From one edge to another.



    My full spec mage can barealy kill a bandit.

  • Well Myhal didn't have much problems when we did gnomes/tartaros and Rolex easly soloed BW, so I don't really think it is that bad to kill a bandit... I agree mage needs to be fixed but it he would have all you said above, we gonna have everyone playing a mage.

  • @Vetro well all were playing a mage before itwas balanced.

  • @Prometheus Love you, baby. ;)


    @Vetro wouldn't bother paying attention to zycors assessment. Mage definitely need love but he is a drama queen and tries to make every post exaggerated and dramatic to get anyone to pay attention to him. He didn't want spiritualism nerfed but now that he's a mage he thinks spirits should be nerfed and not interrupt spell casting.

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