Beta Update - Patch 1.8.2 (01-29-16)

  • Hi everyone,

    this patch contains fixes that should put an end to the stability issues the server has experienced over the last 2 weeks. Specifically:

    1 - A bug has been found that would cause certain items to duplicate when a player was killed and looted. One of the two duplicated items would usually disappear at server save, but under extremely rare circumstances, it could cause the server to fail to save - and it has. The bug has now been fixed.

    2 - The server save procedure has been changed so that even if this bug (or similar ones happen again), and the unlucky combination of circumstances too, the duplicated item will always be nuked anyway instead of causing a server save fail.

    3 - The server save procedure has also been made more robust when it comes to handling mass player disconnection, which had caused another one of the save fails.

    We remind you that whenever you find a bug that involves item duplication, you should not try to replicate it or tell other players about it. Instead, you should report it confidentially to Exploitation a bug of this kind is punished with a permanent ban of all the accounts involved.

    The server will keep saving every 6 hours anyway until the new runtime save mechanism has been implemented.

    Credits spent in the last two rollbacks have been reimbursed. Enjoy Linkrealms!


  • not sure if ur aware but some mobs are disapearing when u kill them.. like the bandit commander and the mage below.. sence yesterday say 5 out 10 will disapear soon as they die

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