Psi Cost Reduction

  • I think it does not work they way it should. Well ok, it does, but only in a half way. Gryphon Spirit costs 25 psi to cast. Let's say I have 20% psi cost reduction. So I need 20 psi to cast Gryphon Spirit. When having 20-24 psi regenerated and ready and I am trying to cast Gryphon Spirit, animation happens, summoning is succesful, but then it says "not enough psi to cast that spell" and spirit is not showing up until I reach 25 psi. I guess it shouldn't work like that and i can count it as a bug. Griphon Spirit is only an example. It happens with every spirit skill.

  • This bug is very old, it was so on the PVE server too. I think its dificult to repair becouse they could alredy make it

  • This has been bugging me too

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