Profit by selling to Tailor vendors is super low


    Studded leather leg armor, studded leather chest armor .. 2 argents .. wtf?
    Buy farming hides and then craft it into something that is suppose to be nice stuff to make a profit = to nothing compare to the argents monster drops = waste of time. especially then I hear that the fame things doesn't do any good to your craftings.

    The best item ´to sell is the mountain bag that sells between 30-50 argents and that is even low for its requirement lvl.

    Anybody else who can agree on this?

  • Yes, this definitively needs balancing. Even if i buy a piece of leather from the vendor, craft something from it and sell it again to the vendor there should be a small profit.

    How about like this: implement counters, how often you killed foe x, created item y and so on (you can cap this on a byte = 255, i think 200 is enough os its just one byte per char and item/monster) and everytime the counter increases, the experience gain (tailoring, severing etc.) decreases until it reaches 0 when you have learned all about hat particular item/monster.

  • Honestly, we should be happy we can even sell these items to the npc now. Before last patch npc wasn't even buying them and you had to remove everything from your bag manually. Now at least it takes seconds...


    There is still no profit .. That was also one thing about it I was hoping for.

  • When having so high tailor skill you should already be rich :P


    Not if you only are crafting. You can't make any profit as a crafter

  • When buying hides you can't indeed, but I dont really think tailor in this game is to make profit. Rather to craft quite decent equipment after maxing this skill. Maybe then you can get decent money for selling it to other players.


    No players want to buy your stuff as it is right now and the items you can make isn't that great.


    It is a lot of work for nothing really

  • Leather isn't bad, it's the other materials that are brutal. The ones you have to grow yourself. Buy the seeds, plant the seeds, wait for them to grow, harvest them, pick them up, turn them into thread, turn the thread to cloth, and THEN craft an item, only to sell it for next to nothing. Not worth the time.


    Time is money. Slay one monster in less than one minute = 100-1000 argents. Spend hours of crafting for about the same amount. Does that make sense? NO!

  • @Lichester yea but can somebody kil u when u crafting in town with ur thousands of mats,no they cant.


    @Gorstak No, but they can kill u while you are out gathering the thousands of mats.

  • Thanks for reporting, those prices are quite messed up indeed. We have rebalanced them, they will be fine in the next patch :)


    @Prometheus I am happy to hear that :) Thank you!

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