Buying Lizard Spines


    post price per here and quantity or pm clavicus vile in game

  • I don't think it is possible to pm someone who is not on friend list, unless they changed it. Say how many you need. P-Stone per 1 would would be ok for you?

  • I got 3-4 will trade for an inventory stretcher or well.... p stones also work I guess(1 each)


    @Mxll id trade for em using the stretcher but i wont be trading p stones for them

  • @Clavicus that was just proposition, we can make it via argents too if you need more.
    @Mxll why you getting another stretcher? For you alt or you want to make inventory small again?

  • @Vetro for the second character

    Clavicus I will be at the bank in 1 hour from this post, post here if you will be at the bank then

    I dont think you will cheat me so I guess we do the trade like this:
    I show you spines - you send stretcher - I finish trade
    I give you half the spines(1 or 2, as I said not sure if 3-4) then you send the stretcher and then the rest of them


    @Mxll is the stretcher account bound? and thats about 140pm est? yea i can b there

  • @Clavicus I got no idea, do you already have one?

    I guess you be at bank in 1 hour(stupid BR destroyed our gnome run that we was about to fail anyway so... yea)

    Incase its account bound I guess it will tell me, incase it is the trade is canceld and you get back the stretcher

  • @Clavicus There seem to be 3 spines(it was 4 before tho, im pretty sure I reported 1 as lost in the rollbacks and it simply wasent given back afterwards) but I do think that 3 spines are what you need for all the equipment you can craft with them


    @Mxll thats fine


    trade went smoothly thanks @Mxll


    @Vetro yes i am looking for more and for the most part really just looking to spend argents i do have 6 p stones but i would need a good ratio to trade them

  • @Clavicus and what ratio would satisfy you?

  • This post is deleted!

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