** Marketplace Regulation ** - Read before posting!

  • Welcome to the Marketplace Forum! Here, you can buy, sell or trade items with other players using other in-game items, Argents (soft currency) or Credits (premium currency). Please read the following rules before trading.

    1. Buying, Selling or Trading items, accounts or services for real world currency or other content unrelated to Linkrealms is strictly forbidden. Any violation of this rule will result in an immediate termination of all the accounts involved. All transactions must be carried out using in-game items and in-game currency only. It is forbidden to use dollars or any other real currency as payment.

    2. You may not trade or offer a Linkrealms account even if the trade is temporary. Any violation of this rule may result in a permanent ban of all the accounts involved.

    3. You are allowed to offer premium items for sale or trade through the "gift item" functionality in the Linkrealms Store. However, as this transaction is asynchronous, we suggest you engage in it with trusted sellers/buyers only.

    4. The only types of posts allowed as reply to an offer are:

    • Accepting the offer and scheduling a meeting for the trade.
    • Asking for clarifications about the item(s) the OP is selling or looking for.
    • Negotiating a different price for the transaction offered.
    • Countering some else's offer (if you are willing to buy for a higher price than that offered by someone who replied before you).

    5. Do not post in someone's discussion telling them what they should be selling, for how much, and making other remarks not finalized to having a transaction. If you wish to sell the same item for less, simply make a new thread with your offer.

    6. The title of the thread must specify clearly what items are the object of the trade, and whether it is a buy, sell or trade offer.

    7. The opener of the post and everyone who is interested in the offer must specify their contacts, be it there in-game character names or their IM address.

    8. You can only "bump" your own thread (that is, give a reply just to make it go up in the list of threads) once every 24 hours.

    9. If someone has broken a rule then simply flag their post, do not reply to them as it will only make things worse and may lead to the thread being locked. Also, do not spam flag posts which do not break any rules as it may lead to you being punished instead.

    Players who fail to abide to the rules above will be punished. The extent of the punishment will depend on the type of violation and whether it's been repeated or not.

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