Trading with credits

  • I have done a few trades where I have asked for credits, but sadly a player cant give another player credits without buying them some item from the store making it less and less likely that a trade will happen(well not really) as I got around all the stuff I want from the credit store already.

    I would prefer if a player could take out X credits from the bank and make some check item with it that can be traded. If anyone else would like this please reply just so I can see how wanted this is.

    I already got a cow spawner for 12 credits when I just asked for 4 credits, and sure that trade was really useless but atleast I got a cow spawner to sell for 5k argents lol


    there definetly needs to be a way of secure trading credits. in a free game with an item shop most of the revenue comes from 1% or less of the player base. Allow those players to securely spend their real money on game items if they see it fit. Also get rid of items being account bound from the item shop. I bought a staff on one of my guys and went to trade it to my other dude and guess what its account bound. Next time obviously Ill jsut gift it lol.


    @Clavicus hey clav, . Normally I'm one to agree with alot of what you're saying. This isn't one of those times, on a few of your points I disagree.
    In my opinion, I feel your third point will bring about such a drastic adjustment, it will be far too noticeable, in a negative way. My point being, to win, isn't winning at all..heheheh :p

    Your fourth point, I don't necessarily disagree with,.. I'm actually quite neutral on it.
    It's just more of one of those,... you should known better kind of deals, kind sir. ^_+


    @confusion the real question is where have you been? We need more people out here wreaking havoc and pvping!

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