36-48hr bump?[marketing thread]


    The forum experience is fundamentally important.
    24hr topic bumping should be something worth your consideration.
    I've noticed, in past situations.. This leaves disadvantages towards:

    The Author
    The person responding
    The Lurker

    Multiple bumps result in the user being forced to a different page in order to:

    Reply as the Author
    Reply as the Consumer
    Lurk as the hermit you are...hobbit.... jkjkjk ... thread to serious.. had to lighten the mood.

    All seriousness. ... Minuscule fix... Enormous results.

    Thanks again to our Forum-Game, and Dev team. +9,000....(powerlevel.... obv)[I hope everyone gets that]

  • So you are suggesting the minimum time for the thread opener to bump should be increased to 36-48 hours? If so, I didn't get why :D


    To assist the user experience. I can't speak for everyone, and am sure some people don't mind either way, I find it to be tedious if you're searching for the lowest price of an item, through multiple user threads, and have to scroll through more than what someone would call an acceptable amount of bumps in order to get to the most recent relevant post.

    Perhaps an advisable limit to the number of bumps a thread can receive?

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