Crashing a lot, any logs I can provide you?

  • Crashing quite a bit, especially in the graveyard. Are there any error logs that you might want or anything that I can provide? I've crashed literally 20 times so far. Mostly in the graveyard and in the "dungeon" areas.

  • I have not been to the GY (Grave Yard) yet so I can not confirm, but try placing this in the Bug Reports section as it appears to be one.
    Consolidating them in their respective section should make it easier for the Devs to filter out.

    Now I'm scared to go to the GY. Shiver :)

  • @Jessíka I'd swear that forum wasn't there before... ;) Thanks for pointing that out, I must have completely missed it as I did look for it, just apparently not good enough.

  • I haven't crashed in-game once yet. Been at Graveyards quite a bit.

  • @MACE Yeah, it's something to do with my system for sure. I crash all over the place, but mostly in the graveyard. But today alone I've crashed at least 10 times, and I haven't been to the graveyard at all. Basically the video freezes, but I can hear the game sounds and whatnot still going like the game is running fine.

  • Hi @Trekkan, is your client fully patched or are you having issues completing the patching process?

  • @Prometheus Nope, I'm in game and have been playing since yesterday. But I am just constantly crashing. Sometimes while just standing in the middle of town. Usually though, it's when I'm in combat for the most part, but not always.

  • First thing I would do is trying to uninstall and re-install the game. If that doesn't work, please write an email to with more details on the error messages and the specs of your PC.

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