Bugs in Editor and suggestions

  • Some experince:

    • It crashes when u try to add a texture
    • it often clears selected items if u right-click. This is very annoying as it is sometimes not very easy to select tose items in the first place. Never (!) clear (=removing everything, even non clicked-at items) selection on rightclick or leftclick, have a key (esc) for that!
    • add 3x3 'variable' texture container, named like this: Generic1-Top,Generic1-Front, Generic1-Side,…,Generic3-Side: Reason: you already have those default magenta/blue/green-type. It would be nice if i could assign just all my walls to one of those generic types. Then provide me with a simple Dialog where i can set what texture that generic-Top should be and let me see that in my whole design. So if i find out some new texture will work better with my ground-floor-walls, i just have to change to variables setting.
    • add a third marker to the high level setting, while the second clips all items with base altitude higher than it, the third should clip all items with top altitude higher than it.
    • add a flag to items to have them fixed. Fixed items become semitransparent on mouseover and cant be selected, so they dont block selection of items behind. introduce a key combo (ctrl+Mouse) to select just fixed items (to change flag again). Setting of this flag should be possible with a flag menu (add passable to that) because the properties dialog has issues with multiple items of different kind.

  • agreed there is alot of bugs in the realm editor.. it is annoying but once u figure then out u dont have a hard time

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