NPC selling scrolls

  • Probably many people will flame this idea, but argents are really so useless, that noone even wants to sell anything for them (dead money ftw). Also buying rare scrolls from other players is almost impossible, because all just need them (and if you are lucky, seller doesn't want argents for them anyway). So what about letting us to have NPC selling scrolls in game, with let's say 60k argents for single rare scroll. I don't care about common/uncommon scrolls price tho.

  • You can pay your monthly Realm rent with argents can`t ya?

  • Well, like 10k per month... When you are able to get 10k within 1 hour or even less...

  • @Vetro yea man u shouldnt show to all how dumb u are.

  • @Gorstak dumb you say, so Mr Smart, what are you doing with your argents? You eat them or swimming? Because I can't see any use for them at all. And I don't really count as argents use something like buying bolts/lockpicks or teleport wands.

  • @Vetro nvrmind man be creative an dthink something else taht we should spend them on,not on rare bless,all have blessed gear already.

  • @Vetro said:

    Well, like 10k per month... When you are able to get 10k within 1 hour or even less...

    How do we get 10k per hour now when the commander spawn is super slow?

  • @Gorstak All have blessed gear yes, but still noone is selling rare scrolls at all. If u have some scrolls to sell, I will take them right away.
    @Mxll Retaliation quest, Lizards, Trolls etc etc

  • i think player vendors are a god idea to sell any item we should be able to set up personal vendors in our realm to make a mall or whatever ... dont see why there not in game for us to do.. player vendors are always a nice addition and this game is like uo so where are the vendors? :)

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