Realms clarification


    1. Are other people able to pick up my harvest? or Do i have to wall off my whole 32x32 with a single locked door
    2. Are realm ownership transferrable/co-owned?
    3. What are the privileges/limitations of players who are "realm-friended" or "realm-banned"

  • Once you have your own realm, you can "Secure" items wherever you like
    in it so that nobody can take them, by clicking the key button and selecting Secure Item ! (found that in a newcomer guide i dont know if its outdated)


    i'm not sure if that applies to crops as well, i can see it being used for chests and appliances but

  • Yeah i hope crops can be protected because i will get a realm myself. If the crops can be raided by other while we are offline i dont see the point of makings farm for ourselves.

  • if u put walls and doors they cant enter in your realm.

  • I guess if you build a wall parameter, you should be OK, though.

    From this thread:

    Realms cannot be sieged. However, in a hardcore servers, you can penetrate the homes of other players and steal their crops, ambush the owners, etc.

  • well if someone in stealth mod issitting next to your doorof your house and wait till u show up and open door in that case he could enter your house no other wey is possible atm.

  • This is an hardcore server, so you have to be creative in protecting your crops: walls, locked doors, use the artifact Reveal Wand from Jorkrut (to be implemented this week), etc... But no hard option to protect them :)

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