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  • So , i tested this game for some weeks now and also played with the editor a little bit. I think there is something fundamentally misscaled here and those are the so called 'realms' itself, because all they will fit in your 'realm' is a small castle or a barnyard. Thats not a realm, not even close to it.

    From my perspective as a programmer with 25 years experience in different languages it should not really hurt the game in its current state if you just:

    • Make the 'realm' 9 times the current size (3x3).
    • move the current estate to the center tile and make the buildable size fill the whole tile.
    • as i assume the cities have been created with the same editor, a simple script should be enough to join the currently spread city pieces accordingly.
    • scale-down the cities on map.
    • change the editor for the users so they can build structures in the center and design the surrounding land, capping obstacles (trees) in the 8 surrounding tiles to 20% per tile so noone can fence himself off with trees.
    • to allow basements, implement another dungeon-like level assigned to the center tile with the option to draw sight blockers for simulating sub-levels.
    • rendering happens in the client, so this should not impact the servers much if done correctly.

  • Small castle? You know you can have 6-7 floors, right?

    I had my main floor for crops, a guild floor, a breeding floor, a casino floor, my personal floor. Once you get the hang of the editor, you can make HUGE structures.

  • Lets assume a tile is about 1m², than your "realm" is about 5184 m² = 0.52ha. Thats not even a croft! Yes i can create awesome clumsy unrealistically ugly structures. Thats not the point of design! Were not building a spaceship here where every cm³ has to have its purpose, we're creating a realm. Where strangers can wander. With areas to look at, areas free to walk and areas hidden from public eye. preferrably in a fortified village design. At least, we should…

  • This post is deleted!


    If it is sooo easy as you make it sound to be. Why don't you make your own game? :)

  • i agreee with this post we should be able to do more with our realms...

  • @Lichester said:

    If it is sooo easy as you make it sound to be. Why don't you make your own game? :)

    My last client-server application (c++ in a tapi-environment) scaled to more than 60k users and had a self developed database with 1 billion (usa: "trillion") entries. than i decided i dont what to have a double-fulltime-job :D

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