Realm gnome houses - they never burn down :/

  • I have already done the gnome dungeon a few times and have more maps then I proabably ever want to use(lets hope they make a few diffrent gnome dungeons tho...) so I decided to make sure that my 2 gnome houses that grew up today would burn down.

    I spent the last 45min camping the houses killing every gnome as soon as they spawned and then downtime hit. Can we somehow make so the houses will burn down faster? We got that little firestarting kit that I feel would be perfect to use on the gnome houses, put it under a gnome house and set it on fire. Make so the gnomes try to put it out or whatever I just want to be able to get rid of a house faster then 45min.+

  • It took me over four hours of near-constant gnome bashing the other day before the matriarch finally spawned. Good times.

    Last night, I had to spend about 15 minutes before she showed up.

    Bit too heavy on the RNG, methinks.

  • gnomes are real problem! i get 4 gnome houses on my real - i dont wanna spend time on it - an now i cant just login the game on 10 min to collect my plants and plant new ones! thats real issue ! Moderators need to fix that somehow!!!

  • add scarecrows

  • @Riga13 everything is like it's meant to be. Like @Gorstak said - get scarecrows.

  • @Vetro Or we could make it all better, slay gnome = chance of finding blood as loot
    ask the mage in town to produce "Gnome fire starter" with the blood of a gnome and a firestarting kits(it might be called an kindering kit)


    Then we have a system that for me looks really good how to handle the gnomes

  • @Mxll there is much simplier way :P Get herbicide from farmer and use it on small mushroom right after you notice it.

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