The Spawn Rate in the Newbie Area is Too High

  • The spawn rate in the Newbie Area is too high. So far I've fought in the farm against the snails, where it's okay 'cause they're non aggro, in the graveyard against all the undead, in the crypt under the graveyard, in the cave in the newbie town with the wizards, and in the bandit cave past the river. All of them have spawn rates so high I can't kill the monsters faster than they come back.

    I figure the idea here is that there will be a lot of newbies in this area and they need monsters fast to keep from getting bored. Or maybe it's like Ether Saga where they expect you to AFK farm so they just have huge quantities of weak monsters.

    So far I've been okay everywhere but the bandit cave and the second level of the crypt. Crypt level 2 was nuts and I barely made it out again after all the monsters at the entrance, and the bandit cave guys are just strong enough that constantly chugging tomato juice isn't enough to keep me alive indefinately.

    I'd really like the spawn rates in all these areas to either be turned down or given a sort of threat level system, where the more players there are in the area the higher the spawn rate. That way I can kill the monsters, loot the treasure, and then kill the monsters, instead of my current pattern of auto-fighting nine monsters while chugging tomato juice and squeezing more tomatos during combat, and maybe looting a few corpses before they decompose.

    Thanks for your time!

  • its defently hard in some areas to kill/loot fast enough but u get use to it the more u play.. the devs are clearly lowering some spawn times ive notice in several areas they have been reduced which in the areas that have reduced them it sux lol.. but in the new areas where they should be they haven't


    Hi, even in dungeons spawn rate is high, I dont have time to loot before new group respown.

  • u will once u get better... the dungeon spawn rate is nice the way it is at one wants to stand around 5min for crap to respawn :P

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