Population ?

  • Im new...but i never saw another player yet. Is it because i am in starting area ? Usually they should be populated..a little bit, at least. Promising game.


    It depends on the time you log in. There's a lot of different time zones that play. To see who is on just type /who in your chat. It won't show the names just how many people are on at that time


    oh , that is beta close ? Few month , or year ago i was on Beta Path On Exile (close beta alpha, beta close) was only 50-80 players online, after release was 400+


    This is indeed a closed beta so the population is currently limited. While there are numerous ways of obtaining a beta key, we do not have much advertising so there are still quite a few people that have not found us yet.

    We are expecting the population to increase significantly when we release our Early Access on steam next month. Linkrealms will be free to play and for those who have access to the game currently will keep everything over into the release.

  • Banned

    If really enter in Steam many people come to game. but need a stable balanced version. or all novices abandon on first PK out of city.


    steam realease is gonna be "interesting". Small game world, noob spawn is still one of the best spawn that vets camp. lol yeah "interesting"

  • @Angeleyes they gonaadd 2 new newbie dungeons.

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