Bring the wiki on!

  • There is pretty few information in the wiki. @Developers please set up rudimentary pages for eqipment and resources (tailoring, poisoning etc) and fill them with images from the items so others can fill them with statistics and content.

    I think you already have each asset as alphatransparent img, so just set up a directory please.

    Currently completely missing: tailoring material with attributes and places to find.

  • Not having a good wiki page is the biggest issue for attracting new players. Even old players having hard time to figure out how to/where to sometimes.


    We do not currently have an updated Wiki because as a limited development team, most of our time goes into the development of the game, this is why we have opened the Wiki for players to post information about the game as they learn it. Also, much of the information that is currently added or will be added may change frequently.

  • Suggestion: Hire in-game players to fill wiki page. You can pay via store credits/bless scrolls etc. Professional wiki page is really important to adapt the game and community.

  • @Pain That why i said: "set up rudimentary pages". For example, id like to help out and just created an account. What i dont want to do is start photoshop and try to extract images from Screenshots for the various items - nearly impossible for the ani-gif-items -knowing that exactly those items already sit in some folder in @Prometheus computer. So if you guys set up a page with all item-images in the wiki, we could do the rest and create pages for tailoring etc. You dont even have to set it up as a wiki-page, just provide a http-directory that returns its index.

    btw. i like the ideaa of having some ingame rewards for that. After all, a good wiki is what attracts players!


    Just install and open up the img.pak in the resources folder, I just tested, it works. The img.pak has 4 .BMP, 2 .GIF, 64 .JPG, and 14,942 .PNG in there.

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