The two new dungeons

  • I heard that they will be adding atleast 2 new dungeon, I was however told its newbie dungeons.

    I suggest that in atleast 1 of them one of the bosses or whatever will drop something that let us add charges to teleport wands as even if they dont cost much I rather do some nice little dungeon that have something like that. maybe it could just be added to the "hard" monster thats in the void place right now. well im sure the devs can come up with something but I want to be able to add charged to wands, all of them really. all those diffrence mage essences might work as the thingy we neeed to give wands new charged. Im sure you can come up with something decent

  • "I agree, good idea"

    It's a good concept to have a way to recharge wands. There needs to be SOMETHING, maybe even as a future implement connected to a skill but that's a longshot, for now an item to recharge that is a drop would be perfect.

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