Sitting here drinking a beer...


    The forum is going to ERUPT with the Steam release! As a new player there are a lot of things that simply don't make sense/aren't clearly defined. Hell, my first day I was trying to work on a cooking quest. The quest 'text' says just add water....I was running around to the different river spots, vendors, etc trying to figure out where I could get water. The problem was I was trying to combine the stuff that was in a 'bag' inside my main 'bag'.....put everything in main bag and viola. Or this evening equipping a xbow for the 1st time to test out backstab; it simply wouldn't fire. I'm like WTF am I doing wrong, why doesn't this work. My next door neighbor (who was/still is a UO player [UO renaissance]) came over and couldn't figure it out.....uggggg, just had to relog.

    I'm not bitching about the devs/game, hell I spent my money to be a prince, I love the game. But these forums are going to go crazy with people asking questions because they simply don't know what to do.

    Just my $ back to beer and smokin a lil somethin somethin and grinding stealth.

  • Yes, the steam release is going to be very entertaining!

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