Where to find

  • I am kinda new to the game and since wiki is not very detailed I have few questions where to find some items. Appreciate the help.

    Runic Helmet
    Camouflage helm/cloak
    Blood Pendant
    Face of death
    Red rubies
    Worm riddled leather
    Darkling wroughtmilitia iron ingots
    Ornate pointy horn
    Blood talon
    Gold darkling militia ingots
    Mushroom silk
    Ornate steel shards
    Scourge skulls

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Most if not all are off of the boss monsters in Hades, Blackwoods, Darkling Hunter spawn, Darkling camp spawns, etc. Some like Scourge skulls off of exalted scourge spawns, some aren't in game like mushroom silk. Maybe someone can make a more precise list?

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