Crossbow Bolts

  • These items should have max stack like 1000 bolts and should be available to bless them with common scrolls. Now I expect people to cry how stupid this idea is, but hey, how fair it is, when sword/mace/staff users die and can immediately come back to fight, while crossbow users are so fucked, because they can do shit after dying when their bolts stayed in corpse?

  • introduce a quiver and bless it. Give it multiple slots (higher level gear may have more slots) that can be bound to keys. Give it a maximum load. Allow those slots to hold differend types of crossbow bolds or arrows. Introduce bows and different magic arrows/bolts. Let keys select which one (stunning, exploding/poisoned/etc.) to shot next

  • I asked about quivers so many times @Prometheus its time to make it happen !


    Marksman are pretty as is... Adding different arrows is overkill. If quivers are introduced everyone should be able to equip and thus get the benefits.

  • Quiver as a form to prevent from lousing your bolts, i laso think elemental arrow ect. i s overkill

  • Archers don't need different type of damage bolts, unless the damage they do aren't ridiculous or are added to their weapon damage already since well...archers hit pretty hard and have ranged advantage already. That being said, it sucks to die as an archer and be pretty much useless if you can't reach your corpse to get your bolts back compared to melee or caster builds. SO YES to quivers.

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