Wipe after Steam release

  • I was truly against the wipe possibilty, but I am starting to change my mind. Let's just think about it - PvP server will be so dead after opening new PvE server during Steam release. We already have like 30-40 players online max. Now imagine, that bigger part of those players will switch to PvE server (because it will happen for sure). You can say - "we will get a lot of new players after Steam release" - ok, true. But what do you think they will choose? PvP server, where they gonna be wrecked 24/7 by geared players or they will just pick PvE server, still with geared players, but who can't kill them since it is PvE? Anyway many people will just skip this game after release, because almost noone likes to start the game on servers without possibility to clean start for everyone...
    @Prometheus, honestly there should be a vote poll what to do. Full wipe, items wipe but skills stay, items+global cap skills wipe (only working skills stay). I don't know, but I really don't want to see PvP server dead or with like 10 active players only :|

  • nonesense. just give a high penalty to attack anyone not in your league. you already have a Σ of combat skills, create some kind of item-level and Σ them also, then calculate reputation bunusses/malusses for attacking people, of course noting who started nthe fight. A high geared high-level player who attacks a low-geared low-level should loose plenty of reputation, making his next death very expensive. And to raise fun: Introduce a color schema and symbold for the player names that not only show you if a player already has attacked you but also if he is way below you, little below, almost equal, little above and way above, and also if his death will be slightly or very expensive for him. As you have 3 dimensions in Color (RGB) that should be easily possible

  • Wipe is stupid in any form. I can have decent gear after 1 hour of play with my skills ( mainly tailoring ) so i will allways win with a new player even if you wipe out all by eq

    Its not a solution. And also what will you do with all credits spent in cs shop for repairs items and so on.


    You can't tell everyone no wipe and then wipe. If this would have been wipe from the get go I wouldn't have played because my time is valuable and I should get something in return for testing. Not to mention on the pve server all of us will have our characters... Which we should because we spent time and money on them as well.

  • Well I don't really like to get wiped also, but I just can't see any other way to save PvP server from being empty comparing to PvE server... Also I don't think reputation system is enough to attract people to PvP server.


    Got respect for you and all your points are valid Vetro and that you got the balls to even say the word. When i first saw no wipe was planned I was pleased but also thought that it was sketchy, for precisely listed reasons above. I mean everyone here can't possibly think that it doesnt make a difference.

    Kapich is right though it wouldnt in reality make a difference i dont think but...

    Problem. New players are not gonna see it that way it doesnt matter to them if you explain it to them in 5 different ways. Some of the first newcomers to the game who are really intrigued with it but get killed by some strapped rambo to find hes actually been playing this game for "years" is gonna cry. Thats a promise, write that down.

    It's a loose loose, because as clavicus said it was promised that it wouldn't happen and current player would be red faced for sure.

    Yeah im for it, but not against it either... actually i dont care either way... so i dont know why i just typed this

  • @Angeleyes it doesnt matter,there will always be new players which yust joined and are completely at disadvantage toward those that are playing even couple days longer,so this thread is really stupid.

  • @Gorstak said:

    @Angeleyes it doesnt matter,there will always be new players which yust joined and are completely at disadvantage toward those that are playing even couple days longer,so this thread is really stupid.

    Ofc there will always be new players. That is why I was saying about players joining during steam release expecting equal fresh start for everyone. People who join the game much later than it started are already prepared for full geared players there.

  • @Vetro if those new players inform themself and see that this game was runing in beta and there was no wipe,they will know what to expect,so again whats point in this.


    Ok every beta I have played they never did a wipe. If they did it was just skills. So either way just wait for what they do and quit you're complaining it's that simple


    We currently have no plans for a wipe. Any progress and/or items obtained during the beta will remain. If we are forced to do a wipe for any reason, it will be announced - unlikely though.

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