• What do you think about an area, where PVP is possible, but dying (in terms of loosing blesses and got looted) is not. Instead, betting on the outcome is for players and watchers? Perhaps a collosseum where you can also fight against summoned creatures that of course wont drop anything but still would give training?

  • First part is really interesting. At least people would be finally able to fight 1v1 without crying on forums "yea u killed me 3v1 u so pro" or "come 1v1 then we gonna talk". Second part about summoned creatures dropping nothing at all is without any common sense. Why even fight something, which won't drop single item?


    Nobody wants to watch people 1v1 because watching players in high end gear 1v1 is like watching paint dry. Basically whoever runs out of heals first loses.




    On the pve server there is a fort demise where you just wager cash to pvp. I think they should add it to this server too. Maybe in one of the towns to help populate more. What you think @Developers

  • Fort demise was out for years, and no one ever used it. I don't see anything changing now.

    Plus, you'd get ganked of your wager money before you got a chance to make a bed, so it wouldn't work.


    Yeah it needs to be redone really badly

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