Birch White chest lvl 80 - not worth to open ?

  • @Developers Now I am able to open 80 chests. So far i opened like 15 white birch chest. I noticed that i can find inside only swords and clubs , never got any xbow. I cant also find any jevelery and this part sux so much. Whats the point of these chests when i got better loot from 70 lvl ......... :(

  • As stated in another thread, a rework of chest loots has been already completed and will be included in the next patch. As of today, yes, they are still problematic.


    level 70 chests are "rare" if level 80 chests (birch) had better loot than 70s there would be way too many good necklace/bracers floating around. the only solution would be to switch the rarity of level 70 chests and make them level 80 or up and make level 70 loot tables like the current level 80. or you could completely rework chests like i guess tehy are doing..

  • I agree that there way to many 80 easy accesable chest, but stil better loot in 70 is stupid becouse 80 skill is so much more days of locpicking to get there.

    @Prometheus you mentioned about the patch in few posts but can you say when is the release date of this patch ?

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