Lizard maps progress

  • I have a suggestion for the grinding of lizard maps fragment. Make it so that on any lvl you have one random piece of fragment guaranteed. At this moment it is very random and sometimes i get from lvl 1 4 pieces and sometimes i get 0, the average for me its i think 2 or even 1,5. On higher lvl i am finding less pieces -

    But what's my point. You collect so many maps from lvl 1 to be able go to lvl 2. With lvl 2 the same. And you go to lvl 3 and suddenly you find 0 fragments and all your progress is lost. It takes hours of grinding to be able clear lvl 3 map and then disappointment - no fragments. RNG but RNG in this situation is bad, when you dedicate so much time you want to see progress. Ofc. there is also other loot but still ....

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