Few questions about gameplay / mechanics etc

  • Hey,

    So I'm in-game and I'm having a good time so far, love the art-style too.

    Got a few questions though:

    • How do people speak in what appears to be global chat that comes up in the chat box?

    • It appears my Severing, Rejuvination and Battle Tactics skills have capped at lv.40, how do I increase them? They are my only skills that high btw and they all stopped increasing.

    • Ihear you can bind skills to a hotkey (such as Rejuvenation), how?

    • Me and a buddy currently have a beta key, my bro has been asking me to play (us 3 usually roll together), are more keys going to be given out during closed beta? If not, how to obtain more? :P I actually have a handful of buddies from games like Legend of Mir, DarkEden, that would love the isometric, fully open-world PK style of this game and I want to tell them about it but can't be arsed with them constantly asking when they can play. Haha

    I like how similar to my first MMO (Legend of Mir) the gameplay feels, and the fluidity of the combat in the sense that you can move whilst fighting and it makes a big difference.

  • When in town, type an * in the chat box before whatever you want to say, that'll go to everyone in the area.

    To get above level 40, you need to fight harder enemies. I ran into the same issue last night and it finally started to go up again when I went elsewhere.

    Can't help you on the other two questions. =)

  • Hey Diz ! you need to put an Asterix before what you write to talk in world chat! and i also know that you cant pass lvl 40 in starter zone you will have to go further on your adventure! Trekkan was faster than me XD

  • You can bind keys, press the Admin button on left, bottom button. Then Keybinds.

  • Thanks all :D

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