Please change the skin to the History chat window

  • I typically miss a lot of messages posted to the main game screen. So I throw the History window to the right side of my client area. I play full screen. However the "skin" to that window takes away from the feel of the game quite a bit. It would be nice to have alpha channel for that window.

    Additionally to the look of that window, could you add a filter too it? Sometimes I like to see only human/player chat and not the "system-like messages" like "You would have gained +5 vigor if you where not in a safe zone?" When in battle with 3 or 4 mobs any player text scrolls away fast. And rescrolling up is ineffective when the next battle message is posted. I am aware of the check boxes. But I think a togglable filter between automated messages verse player chat messages would be great. Meaning clicking it will put back what was filtered and clicking it again will make those types of messages not displayed only while checked.

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