Machine Gun Shell , good boy :)

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    sorry MACHINE GUN SHELL , I didn't want to die with this bracer just found in a chest... it was since i have started to play that i was looking for it and i knew that some one would have arrived to pk me with me just found this epic treasure (for me ) , i knew !

    Another Time McLeod Cit.

    how to make u see this picture on the page?


    i dont click on links i dont want to get aids. please come up with a better name for me. and please dont act like you didnt run 3 times before when u first entered and hadnt farmed anything.. you are punk. i cant wait to find more of you rok in the world.


    how about machine gun jelly cause i die so easy?

  • Dang, so much anger going on around. Eeesh.

  • it is so easy to fly away 1 vs 1 .. i don t need to risk what i have just found for your sense of courage... to fight or die..

  • i am only happy that u were not in two.... else bye bye bracers :)

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