Who can provide temporary access to the game?

  • Hi All,

    Guys, my name is Max.. I've been playing other famous game Ultima Online more then 15 years and few days ago I run into this brilliant game.
    Unfortunately, as far as I know ... nowadays it's not possible to get Beta key until April.
    Can you guys help me to try to play the game? I'll really appreciate your help if you can help me with temporary access to this game.. maybe just for few hours. I just want to feel the game and decide for myself will I wait for this game or not.


  • Only way to "try" it now is to buy the Prince founders pack and play on the test realms, otherwise, you're out of luck. You missed the beta that's been going on since Jan 9th till like Feb 29th.

    If you want to decide if its good enough or your type of game, wait like the rest of everyone for Steam Early Access coming later this month or early April. No special treats for anyone I suppose.

  • @Dkuang I understand but I live in poor country (Ukraine) and 5$ it's a lot actually. So I hesitate to pay this money for the unknown game. All I'm asking you just to give me an access and let me try to play few hours.

  • Playing LR isn't going to change your life or make the world better, least I don't think it will. It's just a game my friend. Just wait a month or month and a half and you'll have all the access you want, 24/7.


    Thank you for showing an interest in our game! Unfortunately the Winter Beta has come to an end so the only way to play Linkrealms currently is by purchasing a Prince Founders Pack which grants access to our Test Server.

    Not to worry though as we plan to release our Steam Early Access later this month (early April at the latest). At that time all servers will be online permanently(with occasional downtime for maintenance). Linkrealms will be free to play with no restrictions so even if you cannot afford to buy a Founders Pack now, you will still be able to enjoy the full game when it releases. Keep in mind that Steam Early Access does not mean the game is in it's full release, players will still need to purchase a Founders Pack in order to access the game through Steam.

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