Map editor bug


    Error loading object pack index 0 c: ............

    if u fall into this error, problem is linked to the quickmenu (topbar)
    every time u use a tile or sprite or wall etc, quick menu will save into topbar the item u used, but if u try reuse that clicking on quickmenu , when u try save it will crash saying that error

    the only way to avoid this empasse is to avoid totally quick menu and use the manual menu every time (i know its boring but its the only way for now to build your dreamhouse)

    waiting staff fix this asap


    You can use the quick bar on the original build with no problem. However if you save and then exit the editor and go back in and use the quick bar you can get that error. All you need to do is select the item again under their category and it will readd it to the quick bar and you can reuse it. But yea it's annoying..


    I got that error once, just because I put a wall over the height limit of the editor. Try to open the saved realm file with a text editor and search for that row. In my case, I didn't edit any of its colors, so all sides on "LIB" parameter were links to the rgb sprites, like:


    Is this your case?

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